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General Information

At any given time in history there are protest events that occur. This is a place to share and distribute information regarding these protests.

Keep yourself and your fellow protestors safe. BLUR PEOPLE'S FACES in protest photography. The government will use photography to track and arrest protestors. DO NOT MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO SILENCE US.

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-Up Against The Law Legal Collective Statement on this activity

-Twitter post from a victim

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Current Information

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Hong Kong

First Arrests Made Under New Security Law

    HK: China passes sweeping Hong Kong security law

Be Water

"No more occupying – “Be Water!” The worldwide “occupy” movements following the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 served as the inspiration for Hong Kong’s previous mass act of civil disobedience – a series of protests known as “Occupy Central” or the “Umbrella Movement” – in 2014. These protests adopted the “occupation” logic of the prior movements, with protesters occupying the city’s main thoroughfares for 79 days in the hope that the disruption would force the government to the negotiating table. The government refused to budge, and the protests ended in failure. This time around, Hong Kong’s protesters are taking their inspiration from a source closer to home: local hero, kung-fu movie star Bruce Lee, who famously advised: “Be Water”." - New Statesmen [1]

United States

Protest Tactics

Protesters Adapting Hong Kong Protest Tactics

Information By City

Dallas, TX

Dallas Reddit Page with Events and Information

Denver, CO

Main page for Denver, CO Protests

Elijah’s Walk - 365 days after Elijah McClain’s encounter with the police and the medics that ultimately led up to his death, our family would like to walk Elijah's spirit home. We would also like to invite string players to play Elijahs last words while we walk. If you are available on this day please join us to lay Elijah's spirit to rest. Meeting at Colfax and Billings on Sunday, August 23rd from 19:00 to Midnight.

Denver Reddit Page including Events and Information

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